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All masonry will need repointing at some time in its life. Various signs start to show when the old pointing starts to deteriorate between the stone or brick work, even falling out. Over time, problems such as dirt, moss and other vegetation can come to damage stone building materials, affecting both the aesthetic appeal of your building and, potentially, wearing away at the pointing itself and causing damp inside the property and other structural issues. For pre-1919 buildings and or solid walls we suggest the use of lime mortar as this allows the envelope of the building to remain waterproof and breathable.

We specialise in all aspects of re-pointing for both the interior and exterior of buildings. Our expertise covers all domestic and commercial buildings, historic sites, as well as churches. With two decades of experience in this industry, and a Level 3 Award in understanding the repair and maintenance of traditional buildings, we know the best processes and materials to get you the highest standard of finish.

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